TFL Painting Challenge: Second Update of 2017

Things are starting to get moving now, with lots of first-submissions received this week.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Dave Humm with what was the last of last year's output, but we'll let him claim it this year as last year's books are now closed
  • The Great Gatzemeyer sends in his first entry of the year: some rather nicely painted WW2 German infantry
  • Andy Duffell follows suit, but his are British Commandoes. Perhaps if the two of you...
  • Matt "the machine" Slade slams in another batch of Napoleonics destined for the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Mr Plowman goes gNorman on us in a change from his usual sci-fi offerings
  • Newbie John Haines sends in his first entry ever: some AWI British infantry
  • And other newbie Cabey Cabey has some French Hussars for us to admire, along with some pigs and casualties
  • Steve Burt has been watching Daktari, although I can't quite see whether the lion has crossed-eyes or not
  • We welcome back Mervyn, with his first entry of the year: assorted Celts
  • Egg also sends in his first submission: some lovely Cold War Brits with helicopters rescued from varnish hell with a little olive oil
  • And last, but by no means least, Andrew Helliwell pops in his second entry of the year: some more Thirty Years War troops

Today's pictures are from the Gatz, the Cabey and the Egg...

Cabey Cabey's French Hussars

Egg's Cold War Brits

Garrett's Gatzemeyer's late war Germans