TooFatLardies Oddcast: Volume One

As nearly all the content on this site is based on rules from the TooFatLardies, we like to keep you all abreast of what they are up to. One new thing they are doing is a series of "Oddcasts": like podcasts, only Lardier.

Rich, me, Nick at the 2011 Tobruk Games Day at Lard HQ

Here's the announcement from Lard Island News:

"Looking to keep abreast of what is happening on Lard Island?  Well, here’s a new way to do so with the Lardy Oddcast, a semi-regular show hosted by international wargaming celebrity and well known washing-line Commando, Sidney Roundwood. 

"This show, recorded in the Lard Island Broadcasting Studios on London’s Drury Lane, focuses on telling us what we can expect in future and talking to the two men behind TooFatLardies, Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner, and asking them to give their view on what Lard means to them."

This first Oddcast is a really good discussion of the philosophy behind rulesets such as I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!Chain of Command, and Sharp Practice, with none of the "well, then I rolled a one, and he rolled a four" tedium that seems to have beset certain other podcasts of late. 

You can find the Oddcast here:

Doubtless for future podcasts they will want to call upon the talents of one who has written more scenarios for IABSM than any other...