TFL Painting Challenge: Quick Sunday Update

It's been quiet here lately: everyone too busy with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and that last surge of work before Christmas!

Not long to go now before the end of this year's Painting Challenge, so all those of you sitting on completed stuff need to get to actually sending them in. Remember: the deadline is midnight on the 31st December, so only five weeks or so to go!

Here's a quick update. In no particular order, we have:

  • Neil Hooge sends in some Indian Mutiny figures from his sickbed. His advice: never try and paint straight lines when on medication! Get well soon, Neil.
  • Mr Helliwell has been rooting in the garage in a desperate attempt to cut down the size of his lead (or in this case, plastic) mountain. Some ACW figures from him.
  • There's an unusual mix of cave-persons and F&IW settlers from Mr Duffell
  • Joe McGin sends in some lovely Highlanders and a ton of Union infantry
  • And last, but by no means least, Treadhead sends in three baddies, a swarm of 6mm tanks, and a great looking 28mm farm compound. The latter two items came straight off the 3D printer...perhaps giving us a taste of what the future holds for us all

As always, clicking on the name of the person, above, will take you to straight to their gallery (opens in  new window). 

Here are today's pictures:

Treadhead's barn: straight off the 3D printer

Highlanders from Joe McGinn

F&IW Settlers from Mr Duffell

Finally, Mark Luther has also been busy filling in a couple of gaps in his gallery. Here's a shot of some of his Burma '44 collection...