TFL Painting Challenge: End Of The Year Rush Begins!

We're approaching the climax of the 2017 TFL Painting Challenge, and the entries are coming in thick and fast!

Here's a quick batch to keep on top of things:

  • Steven Lampon sends in some more of his superb Ancients. Just drop me a line with your address and when you're going to out, Steve...
  • Sapper squeezes in a last entry before the new year: some pike and shotte foot, and mounted Arabs
  • No painting, but plenty of basing from Lloyd Bowler. Don't envy you that one!
  • More 6mm Space Marines from Treadhead
  • John Haines with a mixed bag of Napoleonics and ninjas!
  • And last, but by no means least, Owen pops in his first, and presumably last, entry of the year with loads of WW2 desert troops.

As always, clicking on the name of the person. above, will take you straight to their gallery, and a quick reminder that there's still plenty of time to get your final entries in for this year. Come on! Finish off that last unit that's been sitting on the corner of the painting table for ages!

Today's pictures are below:

More rather lovely Numidians from Mr Lampon

A crazy amount of re-basing from the Hat


Finally, next year's challenge will begin in January...but no holding over figures 'til then: if they're done, then they're 2017 and send them in now!