Painting Challenge Update Number Eleven

After a week of Poland, it's back to the painting challenge for update number eleven. I am still sure that the challenge is far busier this year than it was last year!

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • The maestro, Matt Slade, with a big red dragon (and it is big!), a giant and a scorpion
  • Mr Weathersby sends in another of his hand-rigged Napoleonic ships
  • Chris Kay finishes his vikings
  • Here comes the cavalry, courtesy of Egg
  • Mr Hodge, fresh from proof-reading The September War, sens in over a hundred little Frenchmen
  • We have some archaeologists from Carole
  • The Mad Padre has scenery and elves for us to look at and admire
  • With an all new background, Mr Helliwell sends in more ACW figures and a few bits of scenery
  • Kev, our favourite Fat Wally, also does the ACW, with a suitably Kev-like, huge entry
  • And last, but by no means least, Mervyn pops in some Dark Ages types

Today's pictures are below. Just a few, as I have to nip to the post office to pick up a package: more miniatures!

Brian's hand-rigged Napoleonic ship

More cold war goodness from egg

confederate band from kev