Painting Challenge Update: Very Quiet

It's been a very quiet week for the painting challenge. After a couple of months of frenetic activity, only a very few entries this week.

Come on, the rest of you, get those brushes out and start painting!

Today's entries are:

  • John Davenport with some nice modern Soviet tanks
  • Some British Paras from Carole. So, how do you feel about painting that many Denison smocks?
  • Mr Helliwell offers a couple of Gaz trucks and lots of half-Russians!
  • There's more AWI goodness from John Haines
  • And finally Ralph Plowman has some fanstasy/sci-fi 28s, and a very nice 15mm walker

So that's it:  five entrants this week. Not good!

Soviet tanks from Mr Davenport

Ralph's Walker

Some AWI infantry from Mr Haines

British Paras from Carole

Soviets from Mr Helliwell