TFL Painting Challenge: Monster "Back At Work" Thursday Update

Well I'm back at work after my break: quite a shock to the system after just over two weeks off, but there's nothing like a good painting challenge update to get me back into the swing of things!

So today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Thomas Nissvik with some zombies
  • Mr Burt sends in the pachyderms
  • Two entries from opposite ends of the time continuum from Mr Duffell: a Churchill tank and some very angry Ikko Ikko monks
  • John de Terre Neuve crashes a 'plane in the Pacific
  • Joining Andy on the samurai front, Mr Haines sends in some ashigaru and their betters, and a few houses for them to inhabit as well
  • The Mad Padre returns with some lovely ladies to entrance the men of Gondor who accompany them
  • Mr Helliwell is still all Wars of the Roses
  • Loving the dangerous women from Ms Flint
  • Sapper pops in some Brits for CoC, and some New Kingdom Egyptians for variety
  • Ed Bowen returns to the fold with some carts and a rather nice little chicken house vignette
  • And last, but by no means least, Mervyn contains his excitement over Salute for just long enough to send us some Persians

As always, click on the names above to go straight to their galleries, which all open in new windows.

Today's pictures are below. The Scorecard will be updated tonight, when I'm on the home PC.

Lovely Churchill tank in 28mm from Andy Duffell

The Mad Padre's hareem

And, in contrast, Carole's female militia

And finally Mr Bowen's chicken coop. I hope he's got the frontage and depth size right for the chickens!