TFL Painting Challenge: Another Big One!

Yes, it's another big entry into the painting challenge, including two first submissions of the year.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Thomas returns with some more troops for French Indo-China
  • Mervyn is still playing with those barbarians: more figures from the world of Conan
  • We then have plenty more re-basing from Stumpy. Surely the collection must be just about done by now!
  • Mr Burt pops in some Carthaginian cavalry
  • A large submission from John de Terre Neuve: ghoulies, and US Marines for the Pacific
  • Mr Luther has finished some Commonwealth troops for Burma CoC
  • There's a Frostgrave warband from Carole
  • Also returning this week is Doug Melville, with a colossal entry involving some AWI Hessian types and a load of figures for Call of Mr C.
  • Mr Plowman has joined a cult
  • And last, but by no means least, Egg has gone all piratical on us, and sends in a Buccaneer for the Soviets to shoot at

Once again I have linked the names of the people above to their gallery, with the page opening in a new window so that you don't have to keep flicking backwards and forwards through things.

Today's pictures:

AWI American Regulars from Doug

Egg's Buccaneer

Steve Burt's Carthaginian Citizen Cavalry

Some of Thomas' troops for Indo-China

Keep 'em coming!