TFL Painting Challenge: An Update

Fairly slow week on the Challenge: not the usual cornucopia of entries, just a steady flow.

Mind you, I can't talk: my painting mojo has deserted me for the moment, and I haven't managed to finish anything for a few weeks now...and this despite the fact my lead mountain is the highest it has ever been.

Note to self: after finishing this update, you must finish that platoon of Hura sitting on the painting table: you must!

So, today's update:

  • John Haines with some lovely samurai
  • Steve Burt is still in darkest Africa
  • Jonathan Davenport pops in a large entry: twenty T-34/85s and some modern British infantry
  • There's a whole load of 6mm and 10mm infantry from Mr Hodge, plus three gardens for his 28mm housing project and some monsters
  • Mr Helliwell is still all medieval, with some Donnington knights
  • And last but by no means least, it's more Burmese terrain from Mr Luther

As always, clicking on the names, above, will open their Gallery in a new window.

Today's pictures are below:

samurai and friends from Mr Haines

samurai and friends from Mr Haines

I like these: the Spirit Host from Mr Hodge

Always tough to paint: French HYW Knights from Andrew Helliwell

Mr Davenport's modern Brits