More Chuhuac Gravbikes

I've been ill all day:  man flu which, as we all know, is 99.999999% fatal in all cases.

Still, being ill has given me a chance to finish off another unit for my Chuhuac force: the second, desert camouflage, gravbike squad:

I can't emphasise how nice these little models are. The bike-n-body comes in one piece, but the separate head means that you can pose them a little: just adds an extra something.

Painting was easy: undercoat in desert yellow, was with Agrax Earthshade, then two colours of red on the heads and necks, and a light yellow for the armour.

For those who are interested, they are mounted on 2p pieces with a hama bead connecting the bike to the coin. Works a treat!

I've also taken the opportunity to update the Chuhuac gallery: click here to visit.