A Rhodesian Police Patrol

Taking a break from the second part of The September War scenario pack, I find myself getting very interested in expanding my wargaming interests further into the modern era. We're talking later than the conflicts of the  1960's (French Indochina, Vietnam and the Six Day War) and right into the 1970's and beyond.

That's partly due to Team Yankee and all those pictures of shiny new 1980's toys that just belong in my collection (and see also some of the recent entries into the painting challenge) but mainly down to discovering a couple of excellent compilations of modern AARs using IABSM, CDS, and the supplements B'Maso and Rock the Casbah.

Some of these have already started to appear on this site (e.g. Mark Kinsey's excellent Angolan games) and now here's the first from Anton Ryzbak's excellent blog Anton's Wargaming Blog.

This first AAR dates back to 2011 and, using B'Maso, covers a Rhodesian Police Patrol. Click on the pic to see all: