B'Maso AAR: Saving Shavanje

I'm painting hard at the moment, trying to get everything ready for next Saturday's game of IABSM. That's the trouble with deciding to try a new theatre, setting up the table, then realising that work, training etc means you have precisely this weekend to paint the ten vehicles you need for the scenario you want to game!

So, to give me (and my back!) a break from the painting table, I've found the time to upload another great B'Maso battle report from the archive of the excellent Anton's Wargame Blog.

Again it was set in Rhodesia in the 1970s, and was a battle to rescue the legendary rebel leader, Garfield Shavanje, from the hands of the Rhodesian Police. He had been wounded and captured in an earlier battle after a heroic resistance along with a few other rebels. Rumor was that they were being held in the local Police Station.

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