TFL Painting Challenge: Humungous Update

A very large update today, both in terms of number of submissions and the size of those submissions: a most impressive effort from everyone.

So, in no particular order, today we have:

  • Stumpy bases vast amounts of 28mm troops: almost four hundred points' worth
  • Keith Davies adds an armoured element to his IABSM/CoC forces
  • There's more Cold War goodness from Jason Ralls
  • John de Terre Neuve sends in some Epic miniatures
  • A small entry from Steve Burt:  pygmies for Africa (did you see what I did there?!)
  • Mark Luther fills in some of his gaps
  • Mr Hodge has allegedly had his fill of Mutineers
  • There are more barbarians from Ms Flint
  • Mr Davenport bulks out his BEF armour
  • A truly enormous entry from Sapper: fourteen units worth. Thanks be that he labels everything so beautifully!
  • And last, but by no mean least, Egg sneaks in at th last minute with some Cold War goodness of his own

As per usual, clicking on the gallery owner's name will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window).

Very hard to decide upon today's many to choose from. Here goes:

Always room for Egg's Cold War armour:  Soviets and Canadians

Armenian Cataphracts from Sapper

British Heavy Dragoons from Stumpy

Derek's Mutineers

Barbarian Priestesses from Carole