TFL Painting Challenge: Another Large Update

What better way to start the month than a quick painting challenge update. It's another large one this week, with loads of large entries flooding in.

If I can just remind people to include the scale of the figures they're submitting (it's sometimes hard to tell) and, if possible, to clearly label the pics in some way so that I know what is what. I can recognise or guess most, but if it's not one of my preferred periods...

Anyhoo, today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Jason Ralls with some lovely Cold War British in 15mm
  • A huge entry from Matt Slade: mdf buildings, futuristic sci fi troopers and a batch of enraged yeti!
  • Chris Stoesen pops in a few Spanish colonial militia
  • John de Terre Neuve sends in a handful of medieval arab types and a couple of very familiar looking Napoleonics
  • There's a mass entry from Andrew Helliwell: 15mm ACW and 10mm WOR
  • The Great Gatzemeyer puts paint onto resin with some sci fi troopers from Anvil Industries
  • John Haines joins me in hating painting cross belts: some AWI and Samurai types
  • There are more Hittites from Sapper
  • And last, but by no means least, Mervyn pops in a handful of Napoleonics

As always, clicking on the names above will take you through to that person's gallery (opens in a new window).

As almost always, I'll update the Scorecard when I can over the next day or so. It's complicated to do in Squarespace, as I have to edit the table in html and then import it in.

Today's's many to choose from...

Now those are some seriously miffed yeti!

Jason's Cold War Brits

Lots of ACW chappies from Andrew Helliwell

Sci Fi Troopers from the GG

Geisha Assassin from John Haines