TFL Painting Challenge: Mid Week Round Up

Pleased to say that enough entries have come in to make a mid-week round-up a bit of a necessity: saves me being flooded at the weekend!

All the regulars are smashing their entries in, but it would nice to see some of the less frequent contributors picking up their brushes, paints and cameras as well. As I've said before, Christmas and the end of this year's Challenge will be on us before you know it, and that lead mountain won't paint itself!

Anyhow, in no particular order, here's this week's update:

  • Steve Burt is still in Darkest Africa
  • Plenty of 15mm sci-fi goodness from Carole
  • Matt Slade is off to the Crusades, twice
  • Mr Gilbride has an accident with his pillbox and the devil of a time with his church
  • It's talk like a pirate day from Mr Stoesen
  • Mervyn has suddenly realised he can get points for re-basing...
  • And last, but by no means least, Mr Helliwell has some Austro-Hungarians, Gallowglass and a ruined building for us to see

As usual, clicking on the name above will open their gallery in a new window. I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Here are today's pictures:

Home-made ruins from Andrew Helliwell. Click on the pic in his gallery to see the recipe.

Piratical jump-off points from Mr Stoesen

Black Tree Arabs from  Matt Slade

Darkest Africa from Steve Burt