Back from Salute

I'm back from Salute now...and I must say that it was rather a good one.

First, the logistics.

No queue at all. Arrived at Excel at about five to ten. Had a quick coffee and a croissant right outside the door, then walked straight in. Was happily shopping by 10:10. Amazing performance compared to what has been the case in previous years.

Next, the venue.

The show had a much better feel this year. Okay, it was still dark, perhaps darker than I remember, and it did take half an hour or so for my eyes to adjust, but it seemed more open than in previous years. Plenty of room around stands, no backpacks in the face, and it was till bustling and crowded as ever. Very good.

Nice variety of trade stands. A few special offers:  Troll Trader especially, who took money off me for a cut price Battlefront, Battlefield-in-a-Box Bastogne Church and several very cheap Army painter spray cans.

Then, the games. Some nice looking, big games, two of which are pictured below:

I particularly covet that 15mm E-boat. It would look very nice on my table!

As for the Lardies, they ran two games: a General de Brigade game and a participation game featuring the newly published What A Tanker! rules (WaT).

I actually played in one of the WaT games, commanding a Sherman Firefly in the face of the some very formidable opposition:

How did I do? Well I think the answer is best summed up with another photo:

But then I did enjoy myself enough to buy a copy of the rules!

Anyway, in summary I thought it was a great Salute this year. Those who weren't there should feel sorry they missed out, and that's not something I say every year.