TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Weekend Update

Whilst the rest of you have doubtless been outside enjoying the sunshine, I have been stuck at my desk updating the painting challenge...and a very big update it is as well.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Carole Flint with some more troops for her Copplestone barbarian army
  • There are nine 20mm early war tanks from Matt Slade for What A Tanker!
  • Ralph Plowman also has some tanks: two in 20mm and one in 28mm. Oh, and some 28mm Greek skirmishers.
  • Andrew Helliwell has some more 15mm AWI types, more 15mm ECW/TYW types, some terrain for his medievals to play in, and finally some 28mm sci-fi fantasy figures
  • John de Terre Neuve sends in his first entry of the year: and it's a whopper! Some of it is in greyscale as well: a most interesting effect
  • Another John - John Haines this time - with some lovely vampire hunter types from the Bad Squiddo "Last Sunrise" Kickstarter
  • More Assyrians from Steve Burt
  • Some nice SYW figures from Sapper
  • And, last but by no means least, four figures from Stumpy, the basing king, that he's actually painted as well as based

As per usual, clicking on the name of the person above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window)...and a shock, horror from me: I've actually fully updated the Scorecard as well!

Here are today's pictures: