More Museum Miniatures Sumerians

Here’s the latest batch of the 15mm Museum Miniatures Sumerians that I have finished. The more I paint this range, the more I appreciate the beauty of the figures.

48 City Spearmen

I’m painting them using the new Citadel paints: using just one coat over an undercoat to get all the highlights you can see. I reckon that now I’m more familiar with the figures, I could add a few extra highlights to make them even better (especially on the flesh), but as I’m painting about 400 of the little blighters, I think I’ll stick with what I’m doing!

City Axemen

The next big challenge is how to paint the equids/onagers i.e. the proto-horses they used to pull their battle carts. Might do a bit of easy-to-paint light infantry first whilst I think about it…

Levy Slingers