TFL Painting Challenge: End of September Update

More entries have been flying in, but generally from the same people. Come on the rest of you! Let’s make a bit of an effort in the run up to Christmas!

Today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Mark Luther and a lot of Germans for WW2 Crimea

  • Lloyd Bowler submits a stunning model of HMS Blankney

  • There are some sci-fi Ghosts from Carole

  • An emergency paint job from Mervyn

  • Lots of barbarians and a few Romans to face them, and some Shermans, from Travis

  • Stumpy has shroffed up an E-Bay bargain

  • Matt Slade has a multitude of Sengalese Tirailleusr for us to admire, and some tanks

  • There’s more Moorish cavalry from Steve Burt

  • Sapper sends in the Spanish

  • And last, but not least, there some more Italian Wars figures and, randomly, two doors, from Mr Helliwell

As usual, clicking on the name of the person in the list above will send you straight through to their gallery.

Here are today’s pictures: