Blenneville or Bust! reviews from TMP

Originally posted 16th October 2012

"Already got mine – fantastic – can't wait to get them on the table. Well done Robert!"

"Downloaded mine to my tablet over lunch today and started to read it over. It's absolutely terrific. This is a campaign I'd love to get going on. All I need is a couple of enthusiastic players. Great work by Robert Avery."

"Just got it. The amount of work that has gone into this is incredible. It can quite easily be the basis of a 'finite' project if there is such a thing in our hobby. The blinds are provided to print out and there is a table detailing how many of each troop type is required for the whole campaign.
All the tables look to be 6x4 too. Superb"

"I agree …after a quick look over it looks absolutely brilliant…love the maps and scenarios and would be easily adapted to any system. Hugely professional looking product in keeping with everything I've got recently from the TFL"