German Support Units from Forged in Battle

Originally posted 9th December 2012

I've been wanting to get Forged in Battle's StuG support set for some time:  I love collecting the 'tail' elements of an army as well as its 'teeth'!

The Warfare show in Reading (well, Caversham if you want to be precise) gave me the opportunity. Even better, the stand they were on (West Wind Productions I think) had a five for four offer, so I bought the StuG support vehicles, some Hetzers, some half-tracks, some Pumas and some Marder IIIs.

I've only had the opportunity to paint the first lot of StuG support vehicles and the Hetzers and I must say I'm very impressed. I like the integral basing (all my vehicles are based: mainly for protection when handling and in transit), and the models take paint very well indeed.

StuG Support