TFL Painting Challenge: It's's update time!

Always nice to update the challenge after a weekend: lots of lovely entries to catalogue, and today is no exception.

In no particular order we have:

  • Joakim Strom with some more BEF that take him just over the 500 points mark
  • Mr Topi with legions of 15mm goodness and some French walls
  • Some Roman Auxilia from Chris Stoesen
  • Continuing the theme, Mr Douglas has submitted a unit of Roman archers (technically auxiliaries as well) which will hopefully appear the right way up
  • A couple of early war German tanks from Mr Melville, whose gallery is at least present if not yet correct
  • Some more 6mm planes from Mr Luther, who's left only two points short of the 2,500 points mark
  • The Mad Padre with some 28mm foot
  • Mr Hodge with more of his Unpronuncables
  • And Thomas, unbelievably, submits another entry as well

Today's picture is of Mr Hodge's Unpronuncables: nine 28mm Cavalry for his Gŵr y Gogledd force for Dux Britanniarum