29, Let's Go! Released

29, Let's Go! is the first of the Pint-Sized campaigns for Chain of Command (the platoon-level WW2 game from the TooFatLardies) designed to be played using the campaign handbook At the Sharp End.  

Thirty-two pages long, 29, Let's Go! was released yesterday, and contains an overview of the planned, and then actual, events on Omaha beach on the 6th of June before then going on to present a mini-campaign covering the advance of the US 175th Infantry Regiment from the initial beachhead in their drive to link Omaha and Utah beaches by capturing the key bridge at Isigny.  

The campaign is a total of five game tables with the duration running between five and nine games.  Briefings are provided for both sides, along with measurable objectives, period maps, force and support option listings and everything you need to play this campaign through to its conclusion.  

Highly recommended.

You can read more about 29 Let's Go! on the TFL blog, Lard Island News here.

And actually buy the thing (which really is just the cost of a pint) here.