Soviet Heavy Tanks

Originally posted 5th May 2013

I've had the Battlefront Heavy Tank Company box set sitting on my painting table since Christmas. Finally got a chance to paint them up, with not a small amount of delay caused by the fact that two of them had badly damaged hulls.

I can repair a bit, or green-stuff a bit, or even paint up damaged models as battle-damage, but two of the hulls had major damage to the mudguards. Now I know they replaced them as soon as possible after a simple e-mail, but this sort of thing just shouldn't happen. I have ordered loads of stuff recently and, time and time again, it's only the Battlefront stuff that consistently arrives damaged or missing a part. Is it any wonder that people are switching to FiB or PSC or Zvezda?

Anyway, five beautiful models with the heft and weight that a heavy tank should have: