The TFL Painting Challenge Launches

Originally posted 4th January 2014

The end of the year saw the customary collection of posts where Lardies listed their gaming achievements in 2013.

Most prevalent was the recounting of how many figures had been painted over the last twelve months, with posters gasping in amazement at the achievements of some members (especially the professionals) whilst bemoaning their own sad efforts!

Thus was launched the idea of a 2014 TFL Game-Ready Campaign or TFLGRC for short. It's a way for Lardies to collectively track what they have painted over the year, hopefully as a spur to self-improvement and an encouragement to greater productivity. 

Details of how to take part are in the links to the left or in the Contents column, as well as the links to where you can see who's managed what so far.

So pick up those dust-covered brushes, bite your thumb at your lead mountain, and join us all in the TFL Game-Ready Campaign!