First Post!

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Vis Lardica website.

Here you will find all the content from the old Vis Lardica website, but in a new and improved format. This new site is much more modern in look and layout, far more functional, and fully responsive i.e. should work brilliantly on tablet and mobile as well as desktop.

It's also much easier for me to update: something of major importance as the TFL painting challenge reaches its climax at the end of the year!

Please note, however, that a lot of the old VL content is still in the process of being transferred across to this new site. My apologies for that...but every one of the 500 or so AARs and other articles has to be cut, pasted and re-laid out in the new format, with images and other forms of content added as well. My target is to have everything TFL finished by Christmas, with the non-TFL content finished early in the new year.

To give you an example of what I have to do, the 'previous' posts in this blog - the old VL news bulletins dating back to 2006 - have all had to be individually re-posted: a task that I have managed over the last four days or so, posting between 100-150 posts a day before and after work and at lunchtimes!

Right, that's all from me for now. First 'proper' post will be tomorrow sometime, with an update to the painting challenge.



Robert Avery