TFL Painting Challenge: Another Biggie!

Originally posted 30th August 2014

I take a few days off from updating the challenge to go to work, and another large set of uploads arrives in my inbox! 

Today we have entries from:

  • Topi, with his fifteen buildings that take him past the 500 point mark
  • Mr Slade (who has gone painting crazy recently) with some British infantry for Chain of Command
  • The Mad Padre with a mix of entries that also takes him past the 500 point mark
  • Mr Ambler (whom I'm sure owes me some AARs) also with some 28mm WW2 infantry that take him past the 1,000 point mark. Huzzah!
  • Mr Hodge gets his Dux in a row (boom! boom!)
  • Mr Luther with yet more Japanese that take him flying past the 2,000 point mark. Woo Hoo!
  • Kev 'Fat Wally' with more SYW figures
  • Chris Stoesen paints rather than re-bases
  • Manuel with three great sci-fi figures

Today's picture is from Kev: some Cossacks from the SYW. Incidentally, for those interested, Kev does run a painting service.