A Visit to Bovvy

Originally posted 30th August 2014

A recent holiday took me to Dorset and, to my great delight, less than half an hour's drive from Bovingdon Tank Museum

Bovingdon is a brilliant day out for anyone interested in 20th Century warfare and, of course, tanks. From the genesis of the AFV during WW1 through to an enormous collection of WW2 vehicles (my favourite bit) and on to more modern tanks up to and including the current campaign in Afghanistan. Superb!

Children will love it: both my daughters have no interest in wargaming, but nevertheless insist on going to the museum if we are ever anywhere near it. We have even been twice in the same week!

Here's a couple of pics taken last visit:

British Cromwell

British Lanchester Armoured Car

StuG (German, but in Finnish service)

Italian M11/39

Soviet KV-1