TFL Painting Challenge: End of Q1

Originally posted 30th March 2014

As it's the end of the first quarter, I'm going to set up a new list of Achievements i.e. where the details and the photographs are displayed. 

This is both to encourage those who might be put off by the long lists of everyone else's achievements, and to ease the loading of the Achievements page, which has grown into a bit of a monster! 

The Scorecard page remains the same and will total everyone's scores for the whole year, it's just the Achievements that will be split by quarter.

The final list of achievements for Q1 2014 come from:  the Mad Padre; Jason Ralls; Chris Stoesen; Dave Bailey; Jim Weir; and Craig Ambler-Gambler.

Today's picture from Jim Weir: lots of 20mm WW1 Germans. Only the French to do now, Jim!