TFL Painting Challenge: Monster Update

Originally posted 23rd August 2014

A huge update today as I have come back from hols to find my inbox stuffed full of achievements.

Today we have entries from:

  • Mr Clarke, himself, who has caught up with a lot of his recent painting and passed the 500 point mark. Lots of Soviets, a few Germans, and some Space Pixies.
  • Some more ships from Mr Yuengling
  • A truly colossal entry from Mr Slade, who passes the 1,500 point mark with a mixture of figures.
  • Naturally we have some more 15mm SYW figures from Kev
  • Mr Humm adds some AK47 chaps
  • Mr Bailey adds quite a bit, and passes the 1,000 point marker
  • As does Mr Douglas, with some chariots and a church
  • Mr Stoesen re-bases
  • Alexandros adds a gorgeous platoon of 28mm Panzer IVs
  • And finally Mr Luther pops in some aeroplanes, and includes a picture for a change

Today's pictures are from Mr Luther, with some nice looking 109s; Mr Clarke, with some Soviets; Alexandros' tanks; and Mr Slade, with some US Sailors.