TFL Painting Challenge: Weekly Update

Originally posted 27th September 2014

Here's this week's painting challenge update.

  • Jim Weir is welcome back with his first Q3 contribution: a load of Old Contemptibles!
  • Joakim with a double handful of WW2 BEF vehicles
  • Matt Slade produces some lovely VBCW figures
  • Mervyn has more Ancients
  • Mr Treadhead claims a million miles of road and trenches
  • We also welcome back Vidal with his first contribution to Q3: a mixture of infantry
  • and Leif with some gorgeous Crusader WW2 Brits and some X-Wing fighters

Today's pictures are from Matt and Leif. I'm loving Matt's VBCW Freeminers, and Leif's infantry are lovely too...

Freeminers' Support


Leif's Infantry