TFL Painting Challenge: 3,000 Points Reached

Today's big news is that with two handfuls of knights, three handfulls of Vikings and a jolly big box of re-basing, Matt Slade becomes the first person on this year's painting challenge to pass the 3,000 points mark. Most impressive!

Other entries today come from Dick Bax and Mr Luther.

Yes: only three people have added anything to their total this week...and at a time when I thought things would be hotting up for the final push. So come on: get those brushes and paints out and finish the year with a bang!

I'm sure Mr Clarke will lead the way by submitting all the stuff he's painted this year, and where he treads, surely all others must follow!

Today's picture is, surprisingly enough, not from Mr Slade, but from Mr Luther: some rather spiffing Heinkel He 111s from one of his previous entries.

Oh, alright then, we can have something from Mr Slade too! Here are his latest Vikings: