TFL Painting Challenge: Another Quickie

This week's entries to the painting challenge are again surprisingly light. Where has everyone gone? Or are you all, like me, just incredibly busy in the run up to Xmas?

Fortunately, I had the Warfare show to inspire me (translation: to fit all my new stuff onto my table, I had to paint some old stuff) and you will see the fruits of my labours once I can get some free time in daylight. I am desperate to reach the 1,000 point mark this year, but am still 265 points shy and am running out of time: only about five weeks left, so over 50 points a week needed!

Anyhow, today's acheivements are from:

  • Chris Stoesen, who creeps stealthily over the 500 points mark
  • Mark Luther with some more aeroplanes
  • Mr Douglas with loads of shellholes and hedges
  • Jon Yuengling makes a reappearance with the start of his big end-of-year push: 36 points today

With such a short list of achievements, not many pictures to choose from. Today's featured post is from Mr Yuengling:

On the subject of piccies, I am powering through the re-loading of the IABSM army galleries, so check them out if you have a moment.