TFL Xmas Special Released

Glad tidings of great joy: the TFL Xmas Special 2014 is now available.

Always a source of great ideas, and incredible value for money: highly recommended.

Contents are:


A Festive greeting from Lard Island.  Grab a mince pie and feel the love...

 Cocking Up Through the Mud and the Blood

We present a merger between Chain of Command and Through the Mud and the Blood. Great War gaming just got even more exciting.  

Kaiserschlacht 1918

Amid a storm of steel, we present a Great War “Pint-Sized” campaign for Through the Mud and the Blood or the Chain of Command Great War adaptation. Can you win for the Kaiser?  Sturm Auf!

Fondler’s Rebels

In the Year of Our Lord 1796, Richard Fondler takes on the United Irishmen and their French friends in a battle to save Ireland for the Crown!

4D6 Shades of Green

The Dux Peterboroughiarum himself, Mike Whitaker, presents more terrain ideas for the Dux The Raiders.

29, Let’s Go Large!

We convert our Normandy Pint-Sized campaign for use with I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and company sized actions.  Let’s roll!

Catch the Pidgeon!

An Eastern Front scenario for Bag the Hun from Winchester based Ace, Jim Jackaman.  Tally Ho Comrade!

The Irish Question

Pay attention at the back!  A nautical Kiss Me Hardy scenario to partner with Fondler’s Rebels.  Mr Baines, set course for Bantry Bay.  I’m for the Oysters!

The Roundwood Report

Star of stage, screen and his own vivid imagination, Sidney La Roundwood, chats to Big Rich about maps, and looks into the future with his crystal balls.  

Fighting Season

Respected author, Leigh Neville of Sydney, introduces us to Fighting Season, our forthcoming modern counter-insurgency rules for Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  As we go to press Leigh will be walking down the aisle and committing himself into perpetual marital bondage.  Another good man down...

Building the Deutsche Reichsbahn

Star of the blogosphere and beyond, Pat “Sliver Whistle” Smith, shows us how to build railways for wargaming.  Toot toot!

Last Train to Fischhausen

April 1945, a scenario for Chain of Command on the Eastern Front.  Can you keep the trains running on time?

Battle of Britan – Over the Mediterranean

Jon Yuengling of Pennsylvania steps into an alternative reality with this “what if” history of 1940 for Bag the Hun.

Of Mines and Men

Da Nang is DAMN HOT in this scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf from the pen of Abingdon’s finest, Ross Bowrage.   Are you a mine or a man?

Bloody November

Alfredo Vitaller and Annibal Invictus of Madrid play a home fixture with this Pint-Sized campaign for Madrid in 1936 using Chain of Command España.  To Parsaran, or not to Parsaran, that is the question!

The Battle of Mahiwa

Charles Eckart of Denver takes us to Africa and the exploits of von Lettow-Vorbeck, with this Great War scenario for If the Lord Spares Us.  Heia Safari!

To the Bitter End

April 1945 and the Kings Own Scottish Borderers are still meeting resistance in the heart of the Reich.  This scenario for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum recreates a company sized action on the Elbe River.

Boots & Saddles

Myron Shipp of South Australia mounts up to present some ideas for matching US Cavalry and Plains Indians with Sharp Practice.  Additional material from Essex’s own diamond geezer, Simon Walker. 

Tweetface with the Lardies

Providing addicts with a daily dose of Lard through the limitless joys of social media, ahem.  We provide a guide for the cool kids in 2014. Kicking innnit!

The TooFatLardies Xmas Special 2014 is available to buy from here.