TFL Painting Challenge: colossal Monday Night Update!

Now I understand why the challenge has been a bit quiet of late: you lot were storing them up for me so that I could process them all in one go!

A colossal update tonight, we have:

  • Vidal with over 100 Austrians in 15mm. How about some pics, Vidal?
  • Mr Yuengling with some 15mm WW1 vehicles from Shapeways (the future of wargaming?)
  • The Mad Padre with an eclectic mix of 28mm figures and scenery
  • Mr Luther with a collection of odds and sods from the South Pacific (no, not the musical, Sid)
  • Steve Burt enters the challenge with a bang, a big bang. Hundreds of 28mm figures that give him an immediate 1,408 points. 
  • Mr Hodge with some more Paras and a very nice ruined building
  • Mervyn with some more 15mm Ancients that he assures me "that is definitely almost certainly it for the year". Come on, Mervyn, you can manage just one more wafer-thin figure...
  • Thomas surprises us all with 40 points worth of Martians
  • and, last but by no means least, Leif (can you see what I did there?) with some lovely 20mm figures

Difficult to choose one picture to go with tonight's achievements...but I think it has to be Leif's roadside shrine/CoC jump-off point in 20mm. Lovely.