TFL Painting Challenge: The Deadline Approaches

Well it's the 28th of December and the deadline for this year's painting challenge approaches.

Quite a few entries from people squeezing in just one more unit in order to hit a certain points total: Mr Luther, for example, flies through the 3,000 point mark with four 6mm aircraft doubtless pulled from the depths of the lead mountain.

Quite a few entries from people saying "this will be the last one for this year" or "I thought I might hit x points, but now won't". What defeatist talk is this? It is only the 28th: there are still three days to go.

So, come on chaps: one more push...and no saving stuff for next year!

Today's achievements are from:

  • Mark Luther hits 3,000 points with four 6mm aircraft
  • Dick Bax gets ever closer to the 1,000 mark with some 28mm sci-fi figures and drones
  • Jon Yeungling pops in what he claims are the last figures for 2014...
  • Mr Danziger and twenty-four US infantry
  • And Mr Hodge with loads of re-basing and a couple of AA guns

Just to confirm, the challenge will definitely be running next year.

Today's picture is of Mr Bax's excellent "cold weather troopers":