TFL Painting Challenge: 4,000 Points Reached!

It's another quiet week on the challenge, with only a few people able to sustain the effort until the end of the year...but the perseverance of the few has paid off as I'm pleased to announce that Matt Slade has thundered over the 4,000 point mark with a host of War of the Roses painting and re-basing. 

Even though (as he would be the first to mention) Mr Slade has an advantage, being a professional figure painter, this is still a spectacular achievement, as he has only submitted figures painted for himself, not his commissions. Puts my attempts to get to 1,000 points in perspective!

The other submissions this week were from Mr Douglas (a very nice 28mm house) and Mr Hodge, who has submitted a tray of 110 stands of 6mm re-basing that I have awarded 150 points for as I wasn't going to count every single figure with a magnifying glass! Aerial recon or what!

Here are some of the WOR figures Matt submitted this week: