Playtesting Q13

Originally posted 6th June 2011

I'm expanding the quick IABSM sci-fi expansion I did in one of the Specials, Get Your Frickin' Tentacle Out Of My Face, into a full blown, stand-alone set of rules. It's going to be significantly different to IABSM, CDS and GYFTOOMF, although the basic mechanics (and concepts for the latter) will remain the same (-ish!).

Here's a quick AAR from our first playtest of the full rules.

Drones from GZG

The expanded system worked very well, with a few inconsistencies dealt with minor amendments. What is obvious is that facing a force with aircraft with none of your own or any AA cover is a recipe for disaster, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Imagine the drones as Apache helicopters...

The much-expanded definitions (of troops, weapons, movement) and core rules worked really well, although much more playtesting is required to check game balance. What was good was the way that Tech Level played an important part in things (increasing chances to spot, targeting, damage etc) without slowing the game down at all. Also fun was the use of a Drone Operator: with the real damage being done to the Felids when the overall commander of the human force used his entire turn to activate said DO, who was hiding behind a hill on the other side of the battlefield, who then used his activation to "send in the drones". Playing the Felids I definitely found the threat of air attack ended up defining my tactics!