TFL Painting Challenge: Monster Update

The first really big batch of entries for the new year as people get themselves into the swing of things.

Before I list the achievements, however, thanks to those who sympathised with my toothache. Dentist tomorrow, but the weekend has been...bad!

In fact, if you told me I could make the pain go away by rubbing my forehead with a badger coated in curry sauce, I wouldn't currently be doing this: I'd be out in the undergrowth with a piece of cheese in one hand (do badgers eat cheese?) and a korma in the other!

Anyway, enough of my complaining, onto the achievements:

  • new entrant AJH (who's actual name is so splendid I'm tempted to break his anonymity anyway!) has submitted a large 6mm ACW Union army to get himself going for the year
  • Mr Plowman returns triumphantly with a very nice unit of crossbowmen
  • WillieB also returns, with a massive entry of resting Napoleonic Frenchmen (but not unfortunately featuring the regimental crest of two dead Frenchmen crossed over a pile of dead Frenchmen)
  • Mr Naylor enters his second achievement of the year (already) with some WW2 US infantry
  • Paul Blankenship breaks his duck both this year and in the challenge as a whole with a massive entry of 6mm Cold War British, Americans and Soviets.
  • Treadhead got religion over the holidays and pops back with a beautiful 28mm chapel
  • Another newbie submits his second entry: Andrew Helliwell with more autumnal Germans 
  • Carole Flint smashes in a very nice late WW2 British anti-tank gun unit and Big Man
  • Mr Ralls survives Christmas and submits 28mm Napoelonics and 15mm WW2 figures
  • Newbie Tony Stapells sends in his first entry: a Welsh DBA army with Murat in command (must have taken a wrong turn in the Alps (or was that Napoleon)
  • And finally Mr Hodge submits his second entry for the year: a scratch built roof that merits being counted as a building in its own right, and two "Diddums Trucks" - don't ask!

That's not bad going for two weeks in!

Today's pictures are one of the shots of WillieB's Frenchmen and a pic of Carole's anti-tank guns: