TFL Painting Challenge: the Toothache Update

I'm up suffering from acute toothache (a traumatised nerve apparently) so thought I might as well update the painting challenge whilst I wait for the painkillers to kick in!

Today's entries are from:

  • New entrant Andy Duffell with all sorts of bits and pieces
  • New entrant Andy Helliwell with a 15mm mortar unit that is forever autumn
  • Mr Hodge with a couple of Churchills and a nice ruined building
  • Mr Yuengling with some British and Ottomans for the Great War
  • Mr Burt with some Makedonians
  • and Mr Douglas with some Illyrians

I'm going to feature both of Mr Hodge's entries as today's pictures: two Battlefront Churchills in 15mm and a ruined house from Goldfinger: