TFL Painting Challenge: A Pre-Rugby World Cup Final Update

Just time for a quick pre-rugby update before rushing through the chores before settling down in front of the box for New Zealand vs Australia. If the All Blacks can keep their discipline and play like they did against the Boks (I was there!), then the trophy should be theirs.

Anyway, onto the update. In no particular order we have:

  • Keith Davies with some late war Brits and Germans
  • Chris Gilbride with some late war Brits
  • Mr Naylor finishes off his, wait for it, late war Germans
  • Mr Luther with some Matildas and Japanese
  • Joakim goes fantasy in 28mm
  • and Mr Helliwell pops in huge numbers of ACW Rebs

Today's pic is of some of Chris' Brits, the heavy weapons: