TFL Painting Challenge: A Small But Perfectly Formed Update

After last week's massive submission, folks seem to be resting up a bit!

No matter, we have Messrs Slade, Plowman, Burt and Douglas to keep us going.

  • Mr Slade with plenty of ruined buildings and some lovely 15mm sci fi troops from GZG and Khurasan
  • Mr Plowman with some 15mm sci-fi buildings and troops
  • Mr Burt with some Natal Native Contingent from the Zulu Wars
  • Mr Douglas with seventeen dwarves in 28mm

Today's pics are from Mr Slade and Mr Plowman. First up, some of Matt's sci-fi troops:

And in the same theme, Ralph's assorted 15mm sci fi troopers:

Now we're coming up to the end of the year, so could people get their final entries for 2015 in sooner rather than later please. Thank you!