TFL Painting Challenge: Early Friday Update

I'm making sure I keep ahead of the end-of-year rush here!

Today we have submissions from:

  • Matt Slade with an epic re-basing project and some Kobolds
  • Nice to see Carole back with some Stargunt sci-fi figures
  • Ralph Plowman is also back, with a handful of 28's
  • Mr Douglas, who rarely misses a week, has some more ancients
  • Koen sneaks in a couple of 28mm squads
  • and Mr Helliwell adds to his vast numbers of Confederates

Today's pictures are from Ralph Plowman and Carole. First up are Ralph's marines/sailors from the late 19th Century:

And here are Carole' sci-fi figures for Q13:

Just twenty days to go to get your final entries in for 2015.