TFL Painting Challenge: Bank Holiday Update

Huge numbers of figures have obviously been painted over the Christmas break. Here are today's submissions in the run-up to the end of this year's challenge:

  • Joakim with some pulp and nativity figures (yup, I did say nativity)
  • Andy Duffell adds some very nice terrain to his collection
  • Jason Ralls just manages to finish twenty-four 28s and a host of little Gauls
  • Matt Slade has obviosuly had a busman's holiday, submitting tons of new painting: most of it pulp and VSF
  • Geoff Bond adds some cowboys and priests
  • Dave Humm adds some fantasy figures
  • The Bowler Hat finally finishes his WOTR collection and previews his next project again: the Romans
  • and finally Pedivere sends in some more of his excellent Foreign Legion

I was tempted to have today's picture being Joakim's nativity figures, but it's the 28th and the moment has passed. Here are Pedivere's resting legionaires, Jason's Gauls, and Matt's Amazons.

Still a few days to get your entries in!