TFL Painting Challenge: So Many Entries, A Special Monday Nighter Is Needed!

Having updated the challenge on Saturday, I thought I'd be okay for a couple of days, especially as I am in the middle of writing up the AAR from Saturday night's game...but, no, unfortunately not: so many entries flooded in yesterday and today that I have had to sacrifice my AAR writing for a special Monday Night update.

So, in no particular order, we have achievements from:

  • Treadhead in 28mm, a couple of Shermans and a farm
  • Mr Douglas with yet more LOTR figures
  • Benito hasn't painted much recently (been playing rather than painting, lucky man) but here are a fistful of grenadiers 
  • Egg is re-born, sending in his first entry of the new year, a lovely company of Skytrex and Forged in Battle early war British infantry
  • Jason Ralls has a platoon of his own to send in: Soviets in 28mm. These take him over the 1,500 points mark: huzzah!
  • Topyob submits some 15mm infantry of his own...but no pictures again!
  • Mr Luther pops in seventy Aussie militia: also no photo, but one is sure to follow. This entry takes Mark over 500 points.
  • Jon Yuengling enters sixty-three 1/600 tanks...and could someone make him three Crusader AA tanks, please, in the same scale
  • Matt Slade achieves his usual high painting standard with 36 VSF infantry in 28mm
  • and, last but not least, Mr Baldwin submits ten tiny houses from Bacchus

Inspired by the above, I'm off to do some painting of my own now, but before I do, here's today's picture: Egg's British infantry in 15mm