TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Morning Update

Fantastic day of rugby yesterday with the climax of the Six Nations. Once again England were so close but yet so far from becoming champions, but well done to the Irish anyway.

How can we maintain that level of excitement through to Sunday night? Why, an update to the painting challenge of course!

Today's achievements (and they are legion!) are:

  • Mr Luther with some more 6mm planes (more photos please Mark!)
  • Nils with a whole load of 10mm figures and a 15mm rabbit
  • Mr Naylor with some more 6mm AFVs
  • My favourite entry of the week: WillieB's Napoleonic fleet in 1/500th scale. This takes huim over 500 points and over his last year double cheers all round
  • Egg plays Captain Mainwaring with the Bang On Trend Home Guard platoon
  •  Sapper with a mixed bag of 15mm & 28mm figures
  • Mr Douglas with...yes, you guessed it, more LOTR figures...and a couple of 15mm Crusaders
  • Carole builds a bridge and some bunkers, and populates them with Marders...and gets over the 1,000 point mark: huzzah!
  • Mr Yuengling with more teeny-tiny tanks
  • and finally Jason Ralls with some 28mm VBCW and WW2 figures

Today's picture, as you might have guessed, is of WillieB's ships. Very nice: