TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Night Update

The post-weekend rush is in, and a good excuse for a Monday Night Update.

Today we have entries from:

  • Owen, who submits loads of Austrians
  • Mr Yuengling with a few Home Guard
    • Incidentally, I was listening to Dad's Army in the car on the way home: Radio 4 Extra has an episode every Monday night at 7pm. Still very, very funny!
  • Treadhead with some more of his lovely US WW2 troops in 28mm
  • Mr Bax returns with some sci-fi figures. No photos yet, unfortunately.
  • Mr Stapells submits a hodge-podge: a 2mm city, some 15mm artillery, and four 15mm vehicles from Gaming Models
  • And Lloyd Bowler gives us the first installment of some Perry 28mm WOTR figures...a period that seems very popular at the moment...and probably will be until someone discovers that it was the Perry Twins who buried a  Richard III corpse-a-like under the carpark in order to boost sales

Today's picture is more of Mr Treadhead's Americans...Bazooka Teams: