TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Night Update

Nice to see a change from the regulars in this update, with some entrants who haven't sent anything in for some time.

Even more astonishing is that Thomas has actually finished some figures: racking up quite an acceptable total as well. If this doesn't make every Penguin worth his salt reach for the paintbrush, then I don't know what will!

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Richard Naylor with some 20mm modern-day US Marines
  • Thomas with some highland cattle, some martians and some desert rats. An eclectic mix, n'est-ce pas?
  • Andrew McCarthy achieves a 15mm WW2 German platoon and supports, and some nice looking 28mm steampunk types
  • Sapper sends in some SYW figures and terrain
  • Mr Duffell enters some very nice WW2 Germans in 28mm
  • Then there's Owen and his Austrians, lots of Austrians
  • and finally Mr Helliwell with a few AWI command stands and two medievals rescued from the bottom of the lead mountain

Two pictures today. First up are Thomas' Martians: loving those figures...

And secondly we have Mr Duffell's 28mm half-track:

Keep them coming, people: almost half way through the year now...