TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Night Update

Just a small update tonight, probably as I did one on Thursday night as well. Some nice kit though.

  • Carole goes back to the simple life: nice, plain Allied tanks!
  • Mr Douglas sends in some Roman Auxiliary Cavalry
  • Mr Duffell completes four very nice 28mm vehicles
  • Derek Hodge, lately of Deep Fried Lard, pops in some sabot bases
  • Thomas, dear Thomas, builds and paints a house for his Paras to rest in
  • Paul Baldwin builds and paints some rocky outcrops

Today's picture is from Andy Duffell: a very nice Daimler Dingo...and there's more on show in his gallery.

Do feel free to comment on the achievements you see displayed both here and in the galleries. Obviously I'll remove any out and out nasty ones, but otherwise I'm sure feedback of any sort would be much appreciated!