TFL Painting Challenge: Large Numbers!

Evening all. Large numbers of entries already this week, so about time for an update.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Egg with beaucoups de Francais
  • Thomas builds some trees
  • Ashley pops in some nattily painted sci fi infantry
  • The Matt Slade machine rumbles on: riders on chickens?
  • Paul Baldwin submits some creepy-crawlies and 4ground houses
  • Mr Naylor finishes his US Marines. Is that Maggie I see there?
  • Tony Stapells writes an essay on his painting: some rather nice 6mm figures
  • Mark Luther does some barbed wire, some more 6mm aeroplanes, and some tanks too
  • Owen enters enough Austrians to make the Sound of Music many times over, and some naval cannon too
  • and Mr Plowman paints up some very nice sci-fi stuff from newbie manufacturer White Dragon and old favourite Khurasan.

So many picture opportunities today. Very difficult to choose. After consultation with various offspring who should be in bed by now, I'm going for Matt's chicken riders and Ralph's pair of lovelies from Khurasan.

Want to see more?  Check out people's individual galleries. Well worth it: very inspirational.